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Just when you need it, Thomson Reuters Eikon brings together the world’s most extensive fixed income market and economic news with unrivaled pricing from MarketAxess, Markit, Tradeweb and ICAP.

Reuters News delivers thousands of market-moving beats and exclusives, enabling you to take action before markets move, while our IFR Markets analysts provide expert insights into credit and rates markets.

With Rates and Credit Views in one place, you can quickly compare multiple markets and sources, and simply click to trade via Tradeweb.

You also get unique tools and analytics, including spread, butterflies, cost of carry and invoice spread trading screens, IFR New Issue Monitor and default probability models, plus fixed income securities ownership data.

Why Thomson Reuters Eikon?
  • Reuters News with more economic and political exclusives that move fixed income markets time and again
  • World’s leading fixed income trading commentary and analysis service, leading the pack in credit and rates markets
  • Unrivaled breadth of pricing and trade data, including exclusive real-time data from Tradeweb and ICAP, as well as Markit CDS pricing and corporate bond inventories from MarketAxess
  • Unprecedented market discoverability for Rates and Credit – maximum coverage for the minimum real estate with our customizable G40 x 0-40 Year Rates Views Screen, or CreditViews with price discovery, outstanding debt, issuer ratings, CDS, analytics and equity data
  • Breakthrough Butterfly and Cost Carry Analytics screens powered by real-time data, not end-of-day prices that are unreliable in volatile markets
  • Unique StarMine default probability models based on a multi-disciplinary approach, including optimizations of the Merton model, forward-looking weighted consensus estimates and quantitative analysis of text
  • Indispensable coverage of new corporate bond issue announcements with IFR Credit New Issue Monitor
  • Unique ownership data and tools for business development with our eMAXX Bond Holders fixed income ownership and institutional investor profile data

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