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Thomson Reuters Eikon brings together the world’s most relevant, timely and accurate commodities news coverage and commentary, extensive exchange and cash price data with supply and demand fundamentals, global communities, and specialist research and forecasting in a single, intuitive desktop.

Our Reuters News team of more than 220 seasoned commodity journalists regularly impacts prices with timely stories enabling you to take action before markets move. Frequent exclusives are the result of deep relationships with traders, producers, policy makers and government officials, based on a long history covering commodities markets.

Thomson Reuters Eikon provides a consolidated set of current and historical commodity supply and demand fundamentals as well as forecasts, all available in a normalized format that clarifies both the physical and futures markets.

As the task of predicting future price movements has become more complex, our independent analysts provide forward-looking insights to help you predict price movements and understand risk factors.

Get a real-time view of the factors that affect supply chains globally

Why Thomson Reuters Eikon?
  • Reuters News breaks more news stories and delivers more exclusives that move commodities markets time and again.
  • Commentary and insights from our commodity columnists often challenge conventional wisdom and examine issues not covered elsewhere.
  • Unrivalled commodities research and forecasts provide independent, forward-looking analysis of agriculture (Thomson Reuters Lanworth), energy (Thomson Reuters Point Carbon) and metals (Thomson Reuters GFMS) markets with a proven track record for accuracy.
  • Comprehensive fundamental databases let you see into the physical markets covering energy, metals, agriculture and shipping.
  • Interactive Map is the most visual representation of the key factors that affect the supply chain and impact price.
  • Global Commodity Chat Rooms, curated and moderated by Reuters News editors, provide you with a forum to discuss key trends and market issues. Participants are the first to hear of market-moving news, events and developments.

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